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Project Description
The MultiColumnTreeList is a great way to visualize and edit hierarchical data in a collapsizble multi-column tree grid. Binding to it is as simple as binding to a tree!

MultiColumnTreeList is a much wanted collapsible multi-column tree list control. Built on DataGrid and works just like the TreeView, in virtual mode with on-demand loading and rendering of rows.
  • Easily bind column templates to your hierarchy's node values using Binding and Converters.
  • Familiar HierarchicalDataTemplate based hierarchy resolution.
  • Rich DataGrid based UI.
  • Expand All or Collapse All support.


This control was developed by RadiantQ ( We specialize in Silverlight based GanttControls for Project and Resource management.

RadiantQ also specializes in providing project implementation services for Silverlight based projects, especially GUI intensive applications where our expertise would be a great asset for your projects. Please visit our website for more information.

Licensing: Along with the "GNU General Public License version 2" requirements, you are also not allowed to resell all or portions of this control, in source or binary form, as part of a control library product.

Download stable from Downloads tab or get the latest from SVN in the Source Code tab.

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